Wanting, and having, it all comes at a cost shocker…

This is so funny.

This article suggests ‘new research’ that shows that even though men are picking up housework at home, women still feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of having a job and thinking about clothes sizes, detergent and whatnot…

So women think men are somehow obliged to pick up the ancestral load of feminine mastery because they’ve decided they want to be a wage slave too?

Since when did ’equal rights’ mean ’men pick up what I’m now dropping’..

Women changed the ancient agreement of men providing and working while they had, and managed, the safe and private space of home.

Live with the consequences.

Men have plenty of invisible burdens too, but you don’t see us listing them all like some damsel in distress trying to get more social privilege.

Welcome to the mental load of ’wanting it all’ and ’having it all’… well, here you are… here’s ’all of it’.. enjoy


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