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The #MeToo fury has spilled over into a feminist war | The Spectator

Source: The #MeToo fury has spilled over into a feminist war | The Spectator

Of course, it comes as no surprise to supporters of reason and sense and temperance that young feminists have turned their youthful, spasmic venom onto older feminists – none are free from spasmic feminist point making, you see.

They are so blind to their own use of masculinity that they cannot reign it in, they cannot stop it, they can’t stop it even eating their own.

It is ever more cancerous and supporting of a euthanasia for any who don’t support it’s latest firebrand conclusions than ever.

In this case, the conclusion being that older women, rather than passing on the wisdom of experience to younger women that they had got it wrong (which is all too common a conclusion among ageing and lonely second wave feminists) are instead abusing power to hold younger women back in favour of older men.

How typical of the young academically indoctrinated now. Gone is critical thought, gone is considered analysis, gone is any respect for….anything, unless a young feminist makes it.

Feminisms lack of respect for anything continues to take its toll. That this satanic family-hating movement manages to be both mysognynistic and misandric at the same time yet still escape callout in the mainstream press is just testimoy to the agendas of Babylon, and one thing is for sure – it isn’t to benefit humans….

Here we have an easily swayed, easily pumped-up bunch of young impressionables of questionable considered thought skills, fed a pile of lies, fed some caffeine and given access to the internet and academia…what could possibly go wrong…?

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