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Jordan Peterson debate on Channel 4 – The 1st Man to Stand

Jordan Peterson image from HighExistence.com

jordan Peterson doesn’t need me to affirm his status as legend and figurehead for free speech and even for men.

His debate on channel 4 is the culmination of years of ‘in field’ training in vicious campus protests with rant-y near rabid feminist and trans youths who are more emotional than intellectual.

The training served him well to deliver and exemplary performance of temper and mettle in the face of a typical feminist twisting of facts and using selective data to press their agenda.

Here, for the first time I know of, a man stood the full brunt of the claims of feminism, face to face, live, and debunked every one with facts.

Not only did he not rise to her goads and intentional twisting of the facts, not only did he laugh when others would have got angry and insulted, but he outwitted her, outplayed her, and he won, won, won on every point.

The whole interview was like the perfect archetype of 80’s gender stereotypes :

Man: cool, calm, collected. States facts.

Woman: Seemingly intentionally misinterprets entirely. Starts to get near hysterical at her own misinterpretation. Launches attack born on misunderstanding.

Man: laughs at her irrationality and twisting of the facts and gets ready for the next spin.

Could this entire interview be the perfect archetype of all of the claims of feminism? A giant misinterpretation born of an a-typical logical fallacy: a correlation that was erroneously presumed to be causal….

the question is not rhetorical for this man.

Well, the facts are already there for anyone seriously interested anyway. It just doesn’t serve the Babylon-marxist-feminist narrative so, as has happened with this Jordan Peterson interview, the facts have been utterly twisted so that now if you search that interview, the feminist-taken-over rags such as Guardian Online and Independent Online (so given over to feminism are they that they may as well have the hammer and sickle with a used tampon as their banners these days) all you’ll see is ‘mysogyny and abuse’ about the twitter comments pulling up the feminist interviewer.

Interestingly, compared to the kind of abuse Donald Trump gets, it really wasn’t that bad – mainly amounting to calling out her performance on the interview with some expected sweary words eg ‘stupid b*^ch’ ‘daft c*nt’ that kinda of thing. Not nice, true, but is it really ‘mysogyny’?

Smacks of a snowflake reaction to normal internet criticism these days. Personal, yes, but mysogyny? No evidence of that whatsoever!

Typical of a feminist woman to play the power card when it suited her to try again and again to insult him on-air, only to play the victim when she gets called out for a poor performance or being transparent.

Thankfully, Jordan has gone from strength to strength from this, and for the beginning of 2018 he is certainly carrying the baton for the men right now, and possibly for the whole of free speech and western civilisation itself!

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