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Feminisms Mask of Masculinity – The Falsehood of ‘Feminine power’ Part 1

Feminism has, for women, achieved the ultimate coup where the social narrative is now near-wholly woman-centric and woman-favouring and is far from objective as a result, leaning towards victimhood and minority status, and viewing men and masculinity like some kind of dysfunctional womanhood.

The coup is twisted beyond all measure though, because what no one is seeing is the invisible exoskeleton/robo-suit of masculinity the women are wearing while picking their fights of wages or judging the sexual mastery of men.

Their claims: choosing factual but selective and context-lacking details to make emotive points (and omitting so, so much), so the social story young people are fed today of man and masculinity is a bit like describing the exhaust of a luxury car as if it were only an exhaust, “and damn noisy and smelly too”.

The toxic propaganda from modern feminists and the left has gone for too long unchecked as men have sheepishly reeled at the obviousness of the examples, but have clearly not known how to counter the forms of feminine power being encountered: the kind of power that twist details, facts and emotions to achieve objectives, shaming men in the most obvious of targets: his pants.

Meetings of Oppression

But here’s the thing – Women were never ‘oppressed’ by men in the organised way that seems to be painted these days. Some people I have overheard seem to believe that the mythical ‘western patriarchy’ (see Islam for a proper patriarchy) was a collective agreement by men having meetings of how to oppress women, while feminism IS the collective agreement of women having meetings as to how they feel wronged (not the same as ‘have been’) and will now ‘take over’ in all chosen spaces based on their flawed logical-fallacy conclusions.

Of course, there was a time for an equal rights movement. Of course, there was a time to ensure equality of access. That is achieved and has been for some time, but feminism has not stopped and has now morphed into something unrecognisable from anything ‘equal’ into a ‘special privileges and misandry’ movement for women, and some men, to air all grievances as being the fault of the men surrounding them today.

But what’s crazy is that this whole mad situation has been able to come about purely due to the utter sacrifice of men across time for their women and children – giving their all and everything to their feet forever, while literally laying their lives down to defend what has been made safe, and to protect those beloved.

This is all forgotten to paint a picture of what feminists call ‘oppression’ while they just point out the men who abuse power or get it wrong in mastering sexuality as their proof in the modern day.

The outrage I feel at the disrespect and dishonour these petulant louts pour over the mind boggling ingenuinity, sacrifice and relentlessness that affords all women, and men, the luxury, ease, accessibility and comforts readily available to all today – which came from men.

You see, women can only now pour scorn and disdain on men because they can now seemingly discard them simply because the heritage and gifts of the men and masculinity was so excellently laid at their feet they could not, and can not, see it now, even though it’s the very tools they use in their claims of ‘woman power’.

The men can seemingly be discarded because their accumulated skills, knowledge and experience have become codified into tools, roads and machinery, and systems and processes such as police, law, military.

The incredible Gifts from the Men – our Ancestors

Original Americans are heard to talk of the ancestors as being in the rocks and trees.  For us in the West, it is a very real case that ours are in our tools, our machinery, our garments, our processes – our safety from the elements and each other. 

As an example, you and I can now go and spend £9 in a DIY shop and get a saw that will have useable edge, balance, cut and shape. It will be moulded and will cut straight and acceptably.

These days folks treat such items and discardable, when not too long ago, each tooth would be hand cut, hand twisted, hand sharpened and not disposable at all. The angle, the taper, the moulding, the number of teeth, the depth – none of these are accidents. None were by ‘design all at once’ They were a series of improvements and refinements arrived at from countless COUNTLESS millions of amassed man hours, codified into a blueprint we can rattle off in the millions in a mass manufacturing plants and sell for £1 and up.

It’s like having a thousand ancestors at your behest in your hand – ten thousand! especially when you compare it to trying to do the task without the tool, or ‘from scratch’.

Consider a drill – to be able to drill 3mm in concrete to a depth of 4 inches, and for that ability to be available to ANYONE from the weakest to the strongest, barring physical disability or injury, ANYONE can drill a hole in concrete for less than £30… that is so astounding it beggars belief.

Easy to dismiss in a world filled with gratuitous appropriation and entitlement, but this means anyone can now do the job that used to require serious skills and a lot of material know-how.

The saw? A Masterpiece. the Axe: astonishing. The drill: mind boggling. The internal combustion engine: what? just… what? SUCH innovation out of thin air! the computer. the phone. the bicycle. the airplane. and so on and so on….codified experience, trial, error, skill and insight, wrought from the edge – a key place where the masculine thrives, and brought back to share with all in re-useable form. (=”oppression” to feminists)

This gift is easily overlooked, but let’s put it in real context:

It takes exactly as long now as it did 5,000, 10,000, 100,000 years ago to forage the wood to make a fire from scratch, or to make a rudimentary shelter, or to walk 1 mile on uneven ground without tools or aides, or to cup enough water in your hands until sated.

This is the gift of the Ancestral Masculine : From our leaps into the unknown from The Edge, and our trials at the edge and beyond, and our needs for our loved ones – what can I do so that those who come after me can stay longer, go further, be safer, do better…

….that is the bubbling well of goodwill and Love in the Spirit of Man  that ALL OF US are indebted to every single time we wake up sheltered when it is raining, every time we turn on the tap instead of walking for clean water, every time we don’t have to process our own faeces, walk 50 miles to the nearest town, or have need to call upon fire, police, ambulance or civil law.  Every. Time

It is the codified masculine, of doing those tasks countless millions of times, often in harsh and uncomfortable conditions, to make it such that we never have to rub sticks for fire, but just flick the lighter or thermostat… this is so staggering in its value offering that to lavish, use and abuse all of those and the rest as if it was yours by right while denigrating ‘the men’ who gave it as being some kind of oppressive beast forever is little short of sick – actually sick. Twisted to the core. This is the worst form of the ‘twisted wicked witch’ toxic female archetype – and she rules new feminism.  

If feminists want to destroy what men have built  they should go and live in a field and sort out their shelter, water and fire from scratch.  Otherwise, we are dealing with the highest levels of hypocrisy and pure gender appropriation.

Feminisms reliance on Manpower

This is the codified knowledge of our male ancestors, the gifts from the masculine to be safe and warm and enabled in hostile environmental conditions, and it is being appropriated with such callous disdain and scorn by these ignorant louts that I can only slow-clap the skilful propaganda that paints partial pictures (in buildings and educational systems devised by men) and calls it ‘higher education’.

These ingrates have such comfort that they can sit in warm offices even when it’s snowing outside and cry the evils of ‘mans oppression of them’ (because they didn’t get the Cinderella Princess treatment Disney told them they should?), while they sit, utilise, and drive in comfort with a FALSE sense of power, born of the codified gifts from the men of the past being worn like giant body armor protecting them from the reality of the elements, the reality of lawlessness, the reality of tool-less-ness, phone-less-ness, car-less-ness.

It sickens me in its twistedness – there they are claiming ‘woman power’ and ‘the divine feminine’ while they wear exoskeleton robo-suits of masculinity to do so! While doing everything they can to demonise the very gender that gave all to keep them (and us all) safe, sound and able to pursue non-survival based pursuits.

It is not woman power that has enabled feminism – but manpower! Feminism exists in the west at the sufferance of men, from the liberal minded men who saw sense in ‘equal rights’ and supported their wives and their marches, to the same now who ally with real equal rights issues.

Notice the only countries feminism operates in are the countries with equal rights for women and reasonable men! Where are these ranting exo-male-women in the middle east where there is real patriarchy and real rape culture? Oh yes…hiding behind the military lines, safe within the bounds of the codified masculine of the West!

I hope you can get some sense as to why I refer to these creatures as ‘wretches’ now – the more one understands their outrageous appropriation and their unfounded sense of victimhood, entitlement and expectation, the more ones skin can crawl and hope that their biology is as infertile as their ideology.

A Respect for Ancestors, and each other

Womens role in codifying the genes for future generations cannot be replicated by men in the same way that mens ability to codify the solutions to real-life real-world problems cannot be replicated by women. The respect of the sexes for each other lies in there. There is much more to it than that in my Toltec tradition of gender, which I will address in Part 2 of this piece.

Women have lost respect for men because of this forgotten detail and men everywhere need to start reminding these victim-and-gender-appropriaters of the giant masculine shoulders on which we all stand. (Yes we stand on feminine shoulders too – but they have enough people blowing their trumpet)

This is my foothold for a return to the proper respect of our Ancestors and the elders in our community – one of the many missing ‘respects’ in the modern day and age, but surely one of the most important where such arrogance coexists with such opulence and comfort.

We all should revere and thank our ancestors – men and women alike, every time we wake warm and sheltered when it’s raining and cold outside, every time we can get in a car and avoid a 20 mile walk to work, every time we turn on a tap to save walking 5 miles for unclean water… there is so much room for gratitude, and not much excuse for entitlement or expectation.

Yet what do we see in the moves of modern feminism? Zero gratitude for anything unless it came from a woman, and LOTS of entitlement and expectation. It is time to call this out. It is time to say enough is enough and for men and women everywhere to distance themselves from the poisonous twistings of feminism and its bitter demands woven with a lack of respect or gratitude for anything

But what about Male Sexual Mastery?

The issue of mens mastery of their sexual and sensual energy is an issue. And it needs aired. Addressed. Tackled. It’s an issue for the whole species as we all need men to be skilfull with the masculine electrical Charge energy, because we all know it can cause harm if it is not skilfully wielded.

Its mastery is a major challenge, and is not easy. Male sexual mastery lies behind his other masteries (but only through a lack of hours of practice and availability), of that there is no doubt, but for women to use this as the shaming tool to get their way in culture (when sexuality is exactly what untold numbers of women have used to get their way) is just foul play born of comparing mens sexuality with womens, and through a total misunderstanding of what masculine gender and Sexuality IS.

Because men are in the same boat of ignorance more often than not it means these strategies work on them – the men, ashamed at perhaps having their own sexual/sensual lack of skill, stamina or capacity outed, give way and join in in the shaming of other men. Anyone interested in this can check out my introductory article on the Male Charge Cycle which can shed some light on this.

This route – of shaming, naming, criminalising, sneering, is not the way for happy or fulfilled relating for any of us. Anyone who is interested will find that the Toltec gender wisdom as taught by me paves a way to mutual power, respect and understanding for men and women alike, but both men and women have to suspend blame and expectation to make any progress in real gender studies.

This issue is one that is of as much interest as women to resolve as men (unless they’re transhumanist women who like a robot or dild, or a mascu-woman who wants a pet boy-man) to arrive at mutual increased pleasure, power and mutual enjoyment, but no, instead its being used to pursue cushy high profile jobs and seeking to further denigrate the masculine, once again deserving the moniker of ‘wretches and louts.’

The issue of mastering masculine sexuality has little bearing on the total measure of men nor their offerings to women and family, despite the judgements of the feminists and the measuring stick of failed marriages of recent generations. Many of these marriages failed due to feminisms impact over many generations, along with other factors, as it increased the transactionalisations of sex as well as the sense of entitlement and expectation in women, and some kind of penance from ‘men’: collectively and individually.

And thus we have individual men being judged for the deeds of men long dead or distant, or for tales of their wrongs, by those who were not touched by those wrongs, nor witness to it, demanding penance from those utterly innocent : it is victim appropriation and false accusation of the sickest kind and is a prime power manifestation of the toxic feminine tendency to manipulate quietly and consistently, as exemplified by the archetypal ‘wheedling wicked witch,’ pretending at a feeble victim when in fact being the veiled powerhouse. And yes, this archetype rules new feminism.

The Power of the House

You see, men have always known women were powerhouses, and the power was the house, which is basically a man saying ‘here is everything I have’ – my stash is yours, I give all to you. Yet women now interpret or have that presented as ‘oppression,’ yet when I ask friends now what they would most like to do, it’s spend more time at home with the kids!  The irony and incredulity that humans have been so easily tricked out of native satisfaction has me in a tizzy.

Women peer from cushy warm offices of the last century, somehow thinking that ‘this is what men were holding back from them’ when in a very real way, such comfort is a recent fruit to more traditonal, hard, work of labour, mining, smithing, etc. Women worked as hard as men and vice versa in those times and it is only since the advent of heated workplaces and sophisticated tools that such bickering can even now take place. Notice how the advent of feminism rose only with the rise in comfortable working and more readily available social statuses.

Women are retaining their tradition of the power of the home and now moving in on the traditional territory of men, but not giving way anywhere else. Loaded with propaganda, a victim’s sense of entitlement and penance, and putting nothing on the table except demands, while wearing their exoskeleton robo-suit of codified masculinity in their cars, smartphones, safe streets and warm homes with flushing toilets, running water and heat….. a state to support them, a law to favour them, a culture that elevates them (remember, the men are in collars and cuffs, not women), a police to protect them…

… it is quite an exoskeleton of masculinity – no wonder women can be so scornful, discarding and demanding of men in the public arena – so much they would have needed him for is now codified for them in social structures and tools and machinery.

So, in their codified exo-skeletons of gifts from countless men, these women use media, technology, utility, road, vehicle, state structures, and all their resources to cherry pick the arenas they wish to launch their takeover bids and shamings of men…walking in their tech-robo-suits of codified masculinity, in safe lands, with safe passage, past mining and defence, past construction and utilities, past all the dirt and danger and straight for boardrooms of fortune 500’s and political seats – ‘just THOSE jobs we’re fighting for equality/diversity in…’

No One Gets a Break Now

This encroaching on what was traditionally mens spaces without giving way in other spaces removes the pleasure and rythmic breaks of personal territory from both men and women. This doesn’t give peace, outlet nor solace, which is somewhat reflected in the nature of modern relationships and family reduction – men and women competing for the same lifestyles and never getting solace at work or home : no wonder so many prefer to live singly or roomshare and date!

Remembering again that such careers afford such lifestyles available to anyone who can pay for it purely as a result of the codified wisdom of the men in tools and machines and systems (from mining to design and application). YES. I know there are female innovators and designers too, but the major works that make life comfortable and most practical things within the reach of anyone are the ones which carry a masculine-like power that enables the modern woman to treat the modern man with a disdain and disrespect that she could not have in other times.

The thing is women claim this is due to ‘woman power,’ but they are using the tools and powers of the men to do it. These are mascu-women, not women. They are imbalanced in the masculine ‘point making’ energy (see Part 2 of this piece) and can’t make it stop – men have had millennia tempering the energy of the masculine, but women are new to it, and, high like kids on cocaine, they’re stomping around scorning men and trashing structures that took millennia of consideration and cases to build all because of their logical fallacies and tech-empowerment.

The tide is turning now though, because it is a lie that men and women are the same, so as women try to live more and more like men, they find that what they thought was a happy carefree life only looks that way from some angles. Women are the ones being harmed by feminism more than men as their deeper needs are not being met by the coldness of social structures and feminisms promises that ‘wage = freedom, family=slavery’.

Men are able to be objective and can just shrug for a generation or two, but women? Only a few can handle such emotional snubbery and having to wear the burden of the masculine all the time.  Exponentially rising sales of cats, wine, dildos and anti-depressants are the measuring stick of this one.

So, while we live in outrageous times, it is simply a matter of time before womens mask of empowerment and power falls, because without a common enemy of men, women will just turn on each other. It is already happening in feminism, it happens in houseshares, it happens all over that women only get on with a common cause or enemy. Take that away and their usual power games come into play, so this very ‘Babylon,’ (female evil) very ‘Eve listening to the snake’ (female lack of discernment) feminism situation we are in right now, is temporary.  It’s just how long we all put up with it dominating the central narrative.

There will be many broken men and women as a result of this, but the species will go on, and hopefully as many ‘feminist’ imbalanced genetic lines as possible will end as abruptly as their rabid and unfounded ideology. We are already seeing the tide turning. More and more actual women (more balanced in masculine and feminine energy) are turning on feminism, seeing the damage it is doing to their relationship prospects, their family prospects and their platonic relationships with men in general – as well as seeing through the logical fallacies, the twisting of facts and the emotional manipulations.

The equal rights movement had its time, its need and its day. It is over in the West. Equal rights are here. Most pressures now are for unequal rights and if feminists are not careful, their coke-crazed bull-in-a-china-shop stomp in their male exo-suits will create an actual misogyny and death of chivalry and respect for women in the west with such unpleasant consequences that a burka might be the only way to carry the shame of what they have done to chivalry, love, family and relating in the west.

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