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a Treasure Trove of Toltec Gender

I’m sure some of my gay, bi or intersex readers may be curious as to the inclusion and expression of the Divine Bisexual and the Divine Hermaphrodite within this system.

All still part of the mystery and wonder of life manifest in the Toltec system, what other self development or spiritual energetic system pays homage, respect and caters to the full range of gender expression, both physically and preferentially?

Oh yeah…none.

(while he doesn’t address homosexuality specifically here, he does elsewhere. I summarised the Toltec position on how it arises in my post at the beginning of the year – more depth is in his work)
Things have moved since he wrote this, and this is a very high level view (not much in terms of practical relating tips here), but it is interesting none the less and a lovely treasure trove of snippets from various works of his for those who have asked for more on the subject of Toltec Gender.
I tend to work at the ‘lower’ or more practical levels of gender than Theun is referring to here, dealing with everyday interactions and all sorts of relationships.
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Here’s the link direct to Theun’s Archive.  What a legacy!


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