A Rift Between the Sexes : Renew your Connections

There is a great rift between the sexes, fed by a crazed and disembodied academia and media, and fuelled by the spasmic and poorly controlled masculinity being wielded by all, men and women alike, untempered youths and those bitter at life.

Do not take your relationships for granted, if you have one, speak simple words of affection and appreciation to the one who has chosen to be with you.

Feel the honour of being their choice, though it may have been long ago that felt fresh.

Pour something into the container of your relationship – when was the last time you fed it? Watered it? Did something other than the functional day to day? If you do not feed it, no matter how fine you are as people, your relationship will stagnate into function until you glance over at a stranger.

Take a few moments to glance over at your chosen partner, and if you tired of looking at them in affection, renew it, if you tired of looking at them in gratitude, refresh it, if you got weary of appreciation, kickstart it.

It’s a choice to be with someone and if someone is still choosing you – honour it. Honour them.

There are so many lonely out there, so many isolated and so, so many relationships that will never ‘go deep.’ So many will be washed up on the shores of expectation and entitlement fed by the modern curses of evils infiltrations.

If you are lucky enough that some insane human individual has chosen to be with you, even if it’s rocky right now, take a moment to tap your mutual human frailty, your mutual human desire for connection, your mutual human desire for love, and your basic humans needs, and from that place….move into the deeds can come naturally and natively.

And if you are not with someone right now, the last 3 lines are for you too – tap those spaces in yourself and move from them, and you will draw another by the flavour of your actions.

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